September 29, 2014
Backpacker map

A-Z of Iconic Backpacker Destinations

Love them or hate them, every backpacker seems magnetically attracted to a list of iconic destinations. Some are impossible to avoid. Others are whispered about around the world, their reputation enhanced […]
September 26, 2014
Random Vacay On The Road

On the Road: Random Vacay Drives East to West Across America

60 years ago Jack Kerouac’s On the Road inspired a generation of travelers. We’ve not looked back since. Random Vacay pays homage by driving east to west across America.
September 24, 2014

The 5 People to Avoid While Traveling

We travel to meet new people and gain fresh perspectives. But this is only achieved by avoiding five types of people. Walk into any hostel or backpacker destination and the same […]
September 22, 2014

The Top 10 Safari Experiences in Africa

Africa means lions and elephants. Africa means safari. So where should you go? Random Vacay only likes the biggest and the craziest. Yes, we want lions devouring zebras, leopards jumping on […]
September 21, 2014
pakistan banner

Why You Need to Experience Real Pakistan

There’s more to Pakistan than terrorists. You could come here to trek in the world’s most majestic mountain ranges, but you can also discover unique Pashtun culture, including hashish smoking whirling […]
September 18, 2014
turkmenistan banner

The Craziest Country on the Planet: Travel to Turkmenistan

Visiting North Korea is the latest intrepid travel craze. It’s tame when compared to Turkmenistan. Few people have heard of this ex-Soviet beast in Central Asia. It’s rich from gas and […]
September 16, 2014
islands never heard of

10 Incredible Islands You’ve Never Heard Of

Everyone’s searching for their own paradise island. But if you’ve heard of the island before, then there’s a good chance that everyone else has. So you won’t have paradise to yourself. […]
September 14, 2014

How to Dance in 9 Different Countries

Everybody dances. But every culture has its own distinct style. From tribal masks to bopping elephants, dodgy cowboys to men in tights, Random Vacay presents how to dance in 9 different […]
September 12, 2014

72 Hours in Russia’s Capital: Why Moscow Sucks

Jefferson Taylor only went to the Russian capital for 72 hours and he was almost arrested three times. To prove that Moscow sucks, here is his tale of hostility, stupidity and […]