Local Highs: The 10 Best Places to Experiment and Get Off Your Face

Editors Note: This article is for entertainment purposes only. We do not condone or recommend the use of illicit drugs.

Travel provides the perfect conditions to get off your face.

Let’s check the compelling reasons:

  • You’re more open to, and less scared of, fresh experiences.
  • It’s often an integral part of local culture. And you’re all about local experiences right?
  • It’s probably legal. It’s definitely cheap.
  • You’ll probably never get the chance again.
  • Nobody needs to find out. So you’re free to indulge without opinionated idiots at home giving you shit.

Random Vacay runs through the world’s best local highs, each bringing a new drug and a piquant feast of fresh experiences.

1. The South East Asian Opium Den

Opium dens have been around for many millennia, and while they’re now universally illegal, it’s still easy to find them dotted around Asia. While it’s not as open as a couple of decades ago, just head out into the rural areas of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, or Myanmar. Opium dens don’t take much searching out. They’re usually squalid wooden huts in the forest, places where a mix of locals and foreigners are passed out in opiate confusion. Be careful. It’s seriously addictive, and villages like Muang Ngoi in Laos are full of walking corpses who’ve been smoking opium pipes for too long.

When your ribs start showing it's time to quit...

When your ribs start showing it’s time to quit…

2. Holy Bhang in India

According to Hinduism, bhang was the food of choice for Lord Shiva, one of the main gods. It’s a marijuana derivative, made legal in most places along the holy River Ganges, in particular, Varanasi. The streets are full of locals walking around in a bhang daze, the affect somewhat similar to a mix of weed and LCD with a hint of mushrooms. You can visit a local government shop to buy 10gram balls, or find a local who will mix it into a lassi, or “milkshake.” Then get ready for a four hour trip, one that comes in waves and combines visuals with tricks on the mind.

Hmmm...bhang lassi in Varanasi.

Hmmm…bhang lassi in Varanasi.

3. Amazonian Ayahuasca

Amazonian shaman have been using Ayahuasca for divine and healing purposes for centuries. It’s an unforgettably intense trip, the psychedelic brew leaving you completely immobilized and inducing severe vomiting. DMT is often the softer part of the mix, so you can imagine the sort of spirits you’re going to see. Being with a friend is recommended as Ayahuasca often takes the mind on a journey through your life, providing a scarily poignant and too-close-to-the-bone experience. Not everyone likes it. And you have zero control over yourself. However, it is likely to change your perspective and make you more aware of your own actions.

Cooking up...Amazonian style.

Cooking up…Amazonian style.

4. Ecstasy in Ibiza

If you’re going to take ecstasy then it might as well be in the dance music capital of the world. While it is illegal, it’s hard to avoid. Most bars and clubs have their own dealers and everyone else seems to be off their face anyway. For the local experience, get off your face in a club like DC10 or Amnesia until well after sunrise, then hit an after-party until sunset, and repeat until you collapse.

Time to drop and dance for 17 hours straight...

Time to drop and dance for 17 hours straight…

5. Magic Mushroom Pizzas in Laos

Forget your stone-baked oven and Italian herbs, for a real travel pizza head to Laos and get one with mushrooms on top. While there is movement to clamp down on these hallucinogenic pizzas, corruption ensures that you’ll find it on the “specials” menu of many joints in Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, and other Laotian backpacker meccas. Laos is wonderfully serene and chilled, so indulging in a mushroom pizza fits perfectly into the rhythm.

The combination of mushroom pizzas and tubing down the river is an iconic Laos experience.

The combination of mushroom pizzas and tubing down the river is an iconic Laos experience.

6. Crystal Meth in Jakarta

Not one for the feint-hearted, but perhaps the only way to make sense of the Jakarta madness, crystal meth is seriously prevalent in Indonesia’s capital. It’s ravenously smoked by politicians, prostitutes, ex-pats, and whole communities. So you could be off your face in a squalid township, brothel, or upmarket hotel. Think Breaking Bad, but in high definition reality. Seedy street dealers will offer you the extremely addictive drug, but for quality control it’s better to buy from the door man at one of the city’s underground clubs.

As much a part of Jakarta as traffic accidents...

As much a part of Jakarta as traffic accidents…

7. Hashish in Chefchaouen

Despite producing a huge proportion of the world’s hashish, the stoner drug is illegal in Morocco. Local advice is pretty clear; you can do whatever in private, but never get stoned in public. That is, however, until you reach Chefchaouen, a mountain town that’s the epicenter of the country’s hashish cultivation. Everyone is stoned here and the cafes reek of fumes. Increasing the effects, the town has been completely painted blue and the streets are set out in a peculiar labyrinth. Few places are as confusing yet enchanting, and it’s also easy to organize a trip to the plantations.

When all the streets are blue...where the hell is the hotel?

When all the streets are blue, and you’re stoned, finding the hotel is tricky…

8. Bolivian Cocaine

While Pablo Escobar may have made Colombia the visual heart of the cocaine industry, more of the drug is processed in neighboring Bolivia. It’s seriously cheap and the quality will blow your head off, particularly if you’re used to regular Western street crap. In Bolivia, a $10 gram is going to last four of you a whole night. There’s no denying that the South American travel scene is partly ruined by the sheer number of backpackers continually snorting coke. However, it’s rude not to when the quality is so high.

So much pleasure from one little leaf...

So much pleasure from one little leaf…

9. Ketamine in Kenya

Ketamine is quickly becoming the drug of modern Western youth, the addictive horse tranquilizer spreading across the globe in the last ten years. Traditionally, ketamine has been exported from India, although it’s now almost impossible to find it there. Step forward Kenya, where it can be legally purchased from chemists and has become the drug of the country’s young elite. Nairobi and Mombassa are particular hotbeds, full of locals floating around in various states of trippy sedateness.

The new Kenyan specialty...

The new Kenyan specialty…

10. Getting Stoned in Amsterdam

Smoking a joint in Amsterdam is the iconic travel high. It’s legal all over the Netherlands, but the canals and streets of the capital seriously whiff of the stuff. You get a menu of options, can pay with your credit card, and even buy pre-rolled joints – removing the last inhibition for first-timers. Serious smokers will want to avoid the touristy central streets and find better quality in the coffee shops outside the inner ring.

Probably Amsterdam's most famous coffee shop - The Bulldog.

Probably Amsterdam’s most famous coffee shop – The Bulldog.