The Weirdest Protein Sources from All Around The World

Many of the toughest gym bros from North America wouldn’t even last a week in some of the places we’re about to take you to. They complain about having to re-rack someone elses weights, or somebody taking too many gym selfies, but in many places around the world it’s simply a matter of survival of the fittest, no pun intended.

When you can toss a stone 50 feet in any direction and fit a smoothie bar, or a health club, or a supplement shop, you’re living the gym life on easy mode. There’s nothing wrong with that, but take a look at some of the craziest protein sources from around the world. No, as 3rd world as it feels sometimes, Wal-Mart Whey didn’t make the list…

Eating Ostrich in South Africa

It’s not that crazy to eat birds, but these things are like giraffes mixed with birds and they just have that “Don’t mess with me, bro” look in their eyes.


The best part? Ostrich meat is loaded with protein, and really cheap so you can hit your macros without breaking the bank.

Raw Fetal Eggs in Laos


You can buy raw fetal eggs in Laos as a great source of protein. There’s a raw fetus of a baby chicken inside, and you’re supposed to suck it up with a straw. Yeah, seriously. You can tell this one is in it’s own realm in terms of grossness, because our very own adventure-junkie Jefferson Taylor had the opportunity to try it and he couldn’t do it – and he’s down for anything, this isn’t a guy that has the words “no thanks” in his vocabulary. In some places, they’ll let the fetus cook first before serving it, but it’s still… not… the most appetizing looking dish.

This is the least disgusting photo we could find. If you want to see the real deal nastiness, search "Balut". Image credit:

This is the least disgusting photo we could find. If you want to see the real deal nastiness, search “Balut”. Image credit:

The Cannibals of Papua New Guinea


Taken from #5 on our list of the Weirdest Places on Earth.

In the scale of human history it wasn’t that long ago that eating another person was relatively normal. Thankfully we started mass slaughtering cows. However, in the secluded valleys of central Papua New Guinea, cannibalism remains a strong part of culture. It’s not like villagers have to pull straws with an unlucky soul getting roasted on the fire. But in their fierce defense of traditional lands, and desire to start wars with rival tribes, this is a place where men kill each other and then give the bodies to the women to cook.

Saturn Devouring His Son, from the Black Paintings series by Francisco de Goya, 1819 (

Saturn Devouring His Son, from the Black Paintings series by Francisco de Goya, 1819 (

Raw Blood Soup in Northern Thailand

Hungry yet?

Hungry yet?

Guess what daddy’s bringing home for supper? If you’re in Northern Thailand, that could very well be soup made from the raw blood of pigs. The birthplace of Muay Thai, the Thai folk are known for being tougher than nails and for doing things their own way.

Would  you like that to go?

Would you like that to go?

Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi


It may look like hell, but it’s heaven for carnivores! Maasai warriors will serve you massive slabs of game meat like buffalo, zebra, who knows what else… And it’s served to you on swords, what’s more alpha than that?


Fried Silk Worms in China


The United Nations has said that the solution to world hunger is to eat bugs. It’s hard to wrap your head around that due to how we view bugs in Western culture, but in many places all around the world it’s a normal part of the cuisine. Still less gross than cheap whey powder…

Caribbean Chicken Feet


We eat their breasts and their eggs like it’s nothing at all, so why should eating the skin and flesh of the chicken’s foot turn you off?

Eskimo Ice Cream in Alaska

Before you’re thinking “Nice, we’re ending this on a sweet note,” wait until you find out what’s actually inside of this stuff. Akutaq, “Eskimo Ice Cream”, is made from the fat of reindeers (sorry, Rudolph), the oil of seals, ground fish and berries mixed with freshly fallen snow. How quaint.

Did we miss anything? Make sure you leave a comment and share some of the strangest sources of protein that you’ve encountered in your travels.