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10 Tips For Staying Safe Abroad

1)  Be wary of new ‘friends’. Don’t tell strangers where you are staying or give out too many details about your travel plans. Often people are raped or sexually assaulted by someone they know, even if they don’t know them very well.


2)   Keep the phone number of the nearest British Consulate an a trustworthy taxi or minicab company with you at all times. (Hotels and tour companies can normally give you details of a trustworthy taxi or minicab company).


3)   Always keep some money for phone calls and a taxi journey home form your destination separate from the spending money you take out with you.


4)  Consider taking a mobile phone with roaming facility with you or renting one at your destination. Programme in useful numbers such as the local police, the British Consultate and a trustworthy taxi or cab company.


5)   Be aware that drugs are sometimes used in rape. They are normally coulorless and tasteless and can make you virtually unconscious and defenceless. Once someone has added drugs to your drink, you will not normally be able to detect them.


6)  Never accept drinks from strangers or from anyone you do not completely trust.


7)  Never accept a lift from an unlicensed taxi, a sranger or someone you do not completely trust.


8)   Never leave your hotel/apartment key where someone can note your room number.


9)  If you feel threated stay calm, be firm and direct. You have the right to say ‘No’ at any point and if you feel pressured get out of the situation. Don’t assume it won’t happen to you.


10)   If you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself. Consider how you might do this. In English speaking countries you may receive more attention if you should “fire!” rather than “help

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