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10 DIY Travel Keepsake Ideas


Travel is all about having experiences and creating memories that you’ll carry with you for a lifetime. It can shape who you are, it can change your life, and it will give you all sorts of amazing things to talk about. Here are some ideas for travel keepsakes that you can make.


1. A Travel “Not-Just-A-Notebook”

Purchase a cheap notebook or composition book from a stationery store. Then make it as you wish by cutting and pasting pieces of maps, brochures, and pamphlets from places you’ve visited, doodling things you see outside your window in it, and even pressing flowers you’ve found on the sides of the road between its pages! The more creative you get, the better of a keepsake you’ll end up with.


2. “I’ve Been There,” Keychain.

Grab a Jenga piece and cut and paste parts of the map that you’ve traveled onto it. Drill a small hole, and you’ve got a keepsake keychain that will bring the best travel memories flooding back to you whenever you unlock your car or front door to start another (maybe miserable?) Monday.


3. Embroidered Map Wall Hanging

After you’ve completed your travels, you can easily embroider the path you’ve taken onto a cloth map, frame this, and hang it up next to your favorite adventure photos for a cute and cozy way to bring all of your travel memories together.


4. Postcard Memory Book

Collect postcards from every place you’ve visited and scribbled a few words about your feelings when you first encountered each place. You can bind them into a book later, or put them in one of those photo albums full of clear plastic envelopes, for a pretty visual reminder of not only what you consider to be the best sights from your trip, but how you felt at that very moment, you saw them as well.


5. Sand Collection

Do you always find yourself traveling somewhere tropical and full of beaches? Be sure to collect a little bit of sand from every beach you visit and add to your sand jar(s) at home. If you only have one jar, you can even get extra arts and craft and create cute little tags to stick to the outside of the jar so that you remember where each bit of sand came from.


6. My Entire Vacation in a Jar

Mason jars are trendy and popular now, and you can use one to house all of the small, seemingly insignificant tidbits from your vacation that will leave significant marks in your memory. If you collect the tiny drink umbrella from the time you and your girlfriends spent all night at a beach bar, the ticket stub from the train ride you’ll never forget, or a tiny pebble from the huge mountain you scaled, you’ll always be able to look at your mason jar and smile.


7. Friends I’ve Met Along with the Way Book.

If you’re a frequent traveler before leaving a beautiful place, be sure to snap a photo. If you meet a nice person, get a selfie and have them sign their John Hancock, scribble down their contact information, or write a quick note in your “Friends I’ve Met Along the Way” book. You never know when your travels will bring you back to the area, and even if you never end up visiting there again, you’ll always want to remember the beautiful people that you’ve met.


8. Traveler’s Quilt

Do you know those cheap, cheesy t-shirts that every crowd the tourist shops at every travel destination? Take advantage of them and collect enough shirts from enough places you’ve been to sew together into a warm quilt!


9.Plane Ticket Collage

Collect all your plane ticket stubs and piece them together in a collage to remind you about all the great places you’ve been (and all the hours you spent on a plane to get there)!


10. Photo Canvas

This is not a complete do-it-yourself. But choose one photo (that, for the record, you did take yourself) from the trip that will remind you about the very best parts of your vacation and use a photo processing center’s services to blow it up into a canvas print to display as art for everyone to see. You’ll never forget a great memory this way.

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