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10 World-wide Landscapes That Will Baffle Your Camera

Try Looking out of the window. Does the view inspire you?

Perhaps you’re on your mobile, traveling somewhere. Have a look around. Are you inspired by the landscape that greets your eyes?
The problem with our daily landscapes is that they’re too predictable. As we travel, we find shocks of vibrancy and bursts of colour, world landscapes that prove there’s more to the world than grey concrete.

Then we stumble upon scenes that appear surreal to the eye and baffling to the camera lens.
Some world landscapes defy the imagination. They could have come from a different planet. And they provide a much more inspiring view than the one you’re looking at right now. Random Vacay presents 10 world landscapes that are bound to baffle your camera.


1. Sossusvlei, Namibia

Head to Swakopmund and then take a light aircraft for stunning aerial views. There are campsites and lodges amidst the dunes.

The dead trees that give Deadvlei its name. 

An exposed spine of sand sweeps down Namibia’s coastline, a formidable barrier of dunes that stretch for thousands of miles. Ridges snakes above shadowed troughs and peaks rise some 300 meters above sea level.

At sunrise and sunset, the dunes flicker through a colourful range of reds and yellows, indelibly imprinting nature’s aesthetic power.


2. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Fly to Hanoi and book a wooden “junk” trip. Take at least two days as Halong Bay looks best in the early morning.

halong bay landscape-vietnam

Imagine being on that boat. Sound good? Book a flight, and you could be there within 48 hours.

As mist rolls in and wooden boats cruise along serene water, the islets of Halong Bay rise to attention. Trees cling to precocious cliff edges, mysterious caves snake beneath huge crevasses, and dozens of limestone karsts seem to float in the tranquil water. Arrive soon before its World 7 Wonder popularity attracts too many tourists.


3. Fiordlands National Park, New Zealand

Fly to Queenstown on New Zealand’s South Island. Then just explore.

New Zealand’s South Island is marked by glaciers and fjords, each separated by towering mountains that glisten with snow. Sub-alpine lakes offer idyllic reflections while helicopters land visitors on desolate glaciers. It’s not just the park’s immense size that baffles the camera. It’s the height and brutality of the mountains. Each vertical cliff rises thousands of meters above the fjords, like giant fingers separating the near freezing water.


4. Amazon River, South America

Use a regional base and set off on a multi-day river exhibition (more than a week. Popular and accessible starting points are Manaus (Brazil) or Lago Agrio and Tena (Ecuador).

Amazon River, South America

Everyone’s seen aerial photos of the Amazon Rainforest, nature’s great provider of oxygen the go-to shot when climate change is debated. It’s entirely different from ground level. Board a boat and cruise along the Amazon, the thick green canopy standing above creepers and crawlers. Few world landscapes are as green or tropical, particularly when you’re weeks from the nearest road or town.


5. Karakorum Mountains, spans Pakistan, India, and China.

For the highest and most spectacular, fly to Pakistan and take a connecting flight to the Gilgit-Baltistan region. Or fly from Delhi to Leh in Northern India.


The Karakorum stretch of the Himalayas includes the highest concentration of 25,000feet mountains on the planet. Most of the world’s highest beasts are found here, including K2 and the virtually unconquerable Nanga Parbat.


In this part of the world, it’s only called a mountain if it’s above 20,000feet, which should help you visualize how impressive the landscape is. It is a mission to get here. But once you arrive, you’re continually surrounded by immense snowy peaks. Hiking trails to 24,000foot mountains start from the edge of the road, and it’s impossible to go an hour without seeing a peak or glacier.


6. Okavango Delta, Botswana

For the best safari, fly to Maun in Central Botswana and take a light aircraft to Chief’s Island in the centre of the Delta

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Each waterway swarms with hippos and elephants.

The world’s most magnificent oasis lies in the heart of the Kalahari Desert. Rainfall descends from the Angolan highlands and turns a massive swathe of Botswana into a considerable animal party. Mammals migrate for thousands of miles to join the liquid bounty, their journey carefully tracked by abundant big cats. Hippo pods fill the channels, zebras splash on the floodplains, and elephants jostle with lions in front of your camp.


7. Bolivia Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuni)

Tours start from Uyuni and take you around the salt flats for three to four days. The cheap option is to take a public bus to Colchani and start hiking.

Salt lake Bolivia FlatsWho cares why it looks like this? I just admire and indulge.

Nothing baffles the camera more than complete whiteness. Salar de Uyuni trick and deceive, extending beyond the horizon and glistening uncontrollably beneath the sun. Nothing breaks the lucid white, other than a lonely shadow as your footsteps crunch down on crusted salt. It’s an iconic destination on the South American trail, so compare photos and see if anyone managed to find the right camera exposure.


8. The Twelve Apostles, Australia

Fly to Melbourne or Adelaide, rent a campervan, and hit the Great Ocean Road.

The Twelve Apostles, AustraliaA bridge once connected these cliffs, and a deceitful couple were left stranded on the orphaned rock.

Jutting out of the Tasman Sea below Australia, these orphaned cliffs have a hypnotic beauty. They rise like lost nomads, separated from the land and attracting a thin layer of morning mist. Weather-beaten and slowly disintegrating, they’re the highlight of Australia’s Great Ocean Road.


A few years ago the colloquially named “London Bridge” collapsed, creating another apostle. A loved up couple were left stranded, but media helicopters refused to rescue them without a story. It turns out that the tight-lipped lovers were having an affair – much to the delight of the national media.


9. Arugam Bay , Sri Lanka

The easiest way to reach  Arugam Bay is to hire a van.and it takes about 6 hours from Colombo. Other options are : 10-11 hours via train or 8-10 hours via bus.

Arugam bay landscape

The Arugam Bay is located in the Ampara District which belongs to the Dry Zone along the South-East coast of Sri Lanka.
Arugam Bay is a sunny and turkiz area which pocesses one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka.
This is a paradise for surfers and Surfboard lessons are offered around the beach.

More info on YouTube ” Travel Girl @ Arugam Bay “


10. Antarctica

Boat trips leave from the tip of South America during the summer.

antarctica landscape with penguineThere are thousands of miles of this endless whiteness.

Antarctica is the only landmass that hasn’t been successfully claimed. It’s also one of the only ones that don’t feature concrete (world leaders take note). For complete bafflement it holds the upper echelon of world landscapes, the whiteout only punctuated by waddling penguins. Even the documentarians can’t make it look real.


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