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A Brief History About the Admin (@Harry T)

Graduate | Traveler | Travel Planner | visiting Lecturer | Content Creator

Harry was born in Sri Lanka, which is a beautiful destination full of tourist attractions.  He did his secondary studies at Sussex. Then he enrolled for Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality program at the University Of Colombo.

He started working as a professional travel planner in a small company.After getting experience for 2years , he started working as a General Manager for a well-reputed International Travel Agency.

With that kind of income , would you think that the work would be easy?It was extremely demanding and stressful due to the
nature of his position.

After managing that for another 3 years ,he resigned from the job. Then Started traveling to so many destinations shared his experiences while grabbing experiences from all around the world.

Now he has decided to continue this website ( www.randomvacay.com ) in order to share his knowledge worldwide.

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Anna Samuel

Anna Samuel

Traveler | Content Writer | Artist
• Lives in London,UK
• With 2 years experience in Travelocity as a travel planner.