What I Found While Exploring The Tweet of Sri Lankan Cricketer!


Ambalangoda is a colourful Coastal Town which is famous for its ancient traditional devil Masks, devil dancers & Puppets. Ambalangoda is quiet closer to travellers’ heaven “Hikkaduwa” and Southern capital “Galle” (Famous for Galle Dutch Fort– A piece of great work done in Asia By Europeans).


A few days ago, my eyes caught a tweet with an amazing beach. I stopped and looked at the caption, which was “This is not the Maldives. This is my back yard”. Since I was in Sri Lanka at that time. I went to explore whether this is true or not. Finally, I found its 200% true and I was able to eye-witness some more amazing and unbelievable stuff which could be seen only in that city.



Mr.Upul Tharanga posted this tweet from his twitter account (@upultharanga44) a few days ago. One of the Most outstanding personalities playing for Sri Lanka for more than a decade. His father was a Fish Market Dealer who lived in Ambalangoda. His shelter & all equipment were washed away from the Asian Tsunami in 2004. With a huge lot of Disturbances, he managed to get selected for the National Team in 2005, where the Worst and the best occurred within a short period of time.


In the 18th Century, Ambalangoda was under the control of Dutch East India Trading Company. The abundance of cinnamon was the reason for the company to take control of this city.


A Court Building and a Rest House(Now Demolished) near the sea-shore could be even seen today. It is said that it served as the residence for the local Dutch magistrate and dignitaries traveling to Galle and Colombo. According to reports, Even the British Governor Sir Fedrick North has spent a Night here during his travel around Ceylon in 1803.


In Ceylon Gazetteer in 1833,Simon Casie Chitty gives the below shown account:



    -The Ceylon Gazetter 1833 


Things To Do in Ambalangoda

1. Ariyapala Traditional Masks Museum

Location: Main St, Ambalangoda


  ~Collection of traditional devil masks & related artifacts.

  ~A workshop, store & library.

  ~You can eye-witness the process of carving masks.

2. Sea Turtle Hatchery & Rescue Center


Sea Turtle Hatchery & Rescue Center,Hikkaduwa

Sea Turtle Hatchery,Urawatte


  ~Can see how turtles are being rescued and rehabilitated.

  ~Gain more knowledge on marine life and possible threats that they face.

  ~You can see various sea turtles including

    • The green turtle
    • Olive ridley
    • The hawksbill
    • The leatherback
    • Loggerhead ,etc

3. Feel the Sunset


Location: Beach, Ambalangoda



  ~Boats going for fishing.

  ~People enjoying with their kids on the shore.

4. Boat Ride in Madu River


Location: Madu ganga, Balapitiya


  ~Boat safari around 2 hours

  ~visit cinnamon island

  ~Fish massage therapy

  ~Visit Temples (surrounded by water)

5. Visit the Moonstone Mine

Location: Moonstone mine, Meetiyagoda


  ~How to mine moonstones

  ~How are they polished

  ~How the jewellery are created from them.

  ~Jewellery store

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