Can You Earn Money Through Google AdSense: Stepwise Guide

There are multiple methods to monetize website traffic, and most involve marketing third-party services or goods to the website’s users. Presently, various advertising systems might allow you to make money, but Google AdSense is the most well-known. 

The most well-known online advertising platform now is AdSense, which Google launched. Webmasters and site owners have an excellent opportunity to monetize their traffic, considering Google rewards its publishers more than $10 billion annually. Text, pictures, HTML advertisements, video ads, and many other types of ads in various sizes are all available to advertisers. You can test different ad formats as a publisher to see which ones generate the most income. 

You could use Google AdSense, an advertising platform, to monetize content like blogs, websites, or YouTube videos. Clients pay for advertising through it, and you receive a share of that revenue by displaying advertising on your website or channel. AdSense registration is cost-free. Advertisers using AdWords can pay Google per click (PPC) or impression (CPM). Google then distributes a portion of that income to the AdSense publishers. 

In contrast to graphical content that predominated the advertising landscape when it was first released in 2003, Google AdSense offers adverts in plain text. To lessen the intrusiveness of adverts, improve page loading times, and eventually evoke a more pleasant marketing engagement from the site visitor, Google chose to serve the plain text. 

All advertisers and publishers can expect a high degree of protection, safety, and openness. This is yet another beneficial aspect of AdSense. Google serves as a mediator between the two parties and is concerned with the process’ overall transparency and clarity for all parties. You can monitor all the relevant parameters in your Google Analytics dashboard. 

How can you earn through AdSense? 

Can You Earn Money Through Google AdSense: Stepwise Guide

Below is a comprehensive guide on how anyone can earn money through Google AdSense. 

1. Determine the website type

Using Google AdSense, some websites do better than others. Both contents pull users back daily, and content that draws new visitors to your website exists. Essentially, you should strike a nice balance between the two. In this manner, you can ensure that you constantly bring in new traffic and that a sizable percentage of it converts to repeat customers. Forums, blogs, news sites, and social networking sites are examples of several website types. 

2. Make use of various ad unit types

You should use a variety of ad units on your website to allow your audience to interact with advertisers whose advertising they are most likely to click. Advertisers would have the choice of developing ads in various formats. 

The user experience should be considered when choosing the kind of advertising to employ and where to position them. There should always be more content than advertisements. To determine what works best for your website and visitors, use Google Analytics to evaluate the number, position, and style of advertisements. 

3. Produce top-notch content

It’s crucial to provide high-quality content that connects with your viewers. Additionally, it is the primary factor that affects how well people find your website. Create your material with the user’s intent, and refresh it frequently. Additionally, adhere to SEO recommended practices to increase organic web traffic. 

4. Avoid manipulating clicks

This refers that neither you nor anyone else should engage with your advertisements. Google strictly prohibits ad performance inflation, and engaging in such behaviour may end in the termination of your AdSense account. A Google two-click penalty could follow from this, which would drastically reduce your earnings. 

What blogs accepted by AdSense? 

There are numerous systems available for Google AdSense. Potential platforms include WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Weebly, etc.  

1. WordPress 

One of the greatest possibilities for Google AdSense and one of the most widely used blogging platforms online is, without a doubt, WordPress. It is simple to use and comes with many plugins and extensions that make it simple to modify your site for Google AdSense. 

2. Blogger 

Another well-liked blogging platform is Blogger, which is excellent for Google AdSense. Its simplicity of use and extensive feature set make it ideal for small businesses and webmasters who wish to monetize their websites fast. 

3. Medium 

If you want to grow a following for your blog and spread the word about it on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Medium is a fantastic choice. Additionally, it contains built-in functions that make it simple to add Google AdSense advertisements to your postings. 

However, the platform is irrelevant as long as you offer interesting and high-quality material to attract a sufficient number of website visitors. Instead of concentrating on the advertisements, ensure the platform is appropriate for your content. 

What is Google AdSense publisher restrictions?

Can You Earn Money Through Google AdSense: Stepwise Guide

Publisher limitations indicate content that is prohibited from receiving advertisements from specific sources. Less advertising partners will be able to bid on your content if it is marked with an inventory restriction. In certain circumstances, this will imply that no advertising agencies are placing bids on your inventory, meaning no advertisements will run alongside your content. 

By enabling publishers to monetize their content and advertisers to reach potential customers with valuable, relevant products and services, Google contributes to creating a free and open internet. 

Some of the standard publisher restrictions on website contents are listed below. 

  1. Shocking content. 
  2. Sexual content. 
  3. Explosives. 
  4. Weapons. 
  5. Guns, gun accessories, and related products. 
  6. Tobacco. 
  7. Recreational drugs. 
  8. Alcohol sale or misuse. 
  9. Online gambling. 
  10. Prescription drugs. 
  11. App removed from Google Play Store. 
  12. Unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements. 

How much could you earn through AdSense? 

The level of competition and Cost per Click (CPC) in your content category will determine how much money you may make using Google AdSense. Google pays you for each ad click, but it deducts a commission. Publishers typically receive 68 percent, or 51 percent, when utilizing AdSense for reach. The fee can range from $0.20 to $15 based on the niche, with publishers earning an average of $3 each click. 

You may begin receiving money from Google each month once your AdSense account and ad units are operational. When your monthly profits approach or exceed $100, Google pays you. You could get paid directly to your bank account or sent a check. 

However, you must remember that you should earn a minimum of $100 to get paid, which requires a lot of interaction to make a sensible figure. This would require unlimited hard work from the side of content creators. You should not flood the website with advertisements, as it might annoy the visitors. The website should be frequently updated with fresh content to keep the visitors and advertisement flow consistent.

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