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Interview to Mica Aylon Travel Blogger

  1. How did you get start as a writer?

I’ve always been a writer! Since before I could read, I’d fashion books together with pieces of paper and draw squiggly lines inside the pages.  I wrote my first story as a child in grade school.  I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, but didn’t pursue it seriously as a career until university. I studied Journalism in College and I was a staff writer and photographer for my college newspaper. After graduation, I worked for a local magazine and I also wrote back covers for books!. I loved reading and I had a vivid imagination.

  1. What type of writing do you love most?

Personal Narrative. I love that connection with the world. I love knowing that someone out there has felt the exact same way as me at some point. Makes you feel less alone in the universe. I was always a lover of fiction, however, and would love to get back into writing it.

Also I love period pieces. Reading about ancient times is absolutely fascinating. For example, when I was living in Thailand last year I read The Falcon of Siam by Axel Aylwen which was a colorful, descriptive, historical novel explaining Siam culture in the 17th century. I never wanted that book to end. Riveting pieces that can provoke my imagination are one of my favorite types of writing.

  1. List three tips/pieces of advice you would give to new freelance writers.

  • Read all the time, always. You absolutely cannot be a good writer if you’ve never read a book, and I stand by that conviction 100%. Read everything.
  • Don’t give up.  Always listen to your gut instinct.Writing and blogging are time consuming processes and they will require your utmost patience and at times will leave you sleepless and stressed out. If it is truly your dream, then you will keep at it. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me to pursue a different career, I’d be…well, ten dollars richer. But seriously, you are only as good as the determination you have to fulfill your dreams.
  • Take classes. It took me a LONG time to find confidence in my writing, and it all started with a small writing group in university. I was shocked someone else enjoyed my style. Get it OUT THERE.

Can you give a brief description about you

I’m Aylon, an author of & (For the love of Peru). I write about adventure travel, expat living, and recipes you can create on the road or at home. I’m a Chef and permanent wanderer. I’ve lived in Florida, California, Thailand, Peru, and am currently living in Queensland Australia for a year working as a Chef and writing on my blogs.My writings have also been featured in various East Coast Canadian publications like SOAR, ahoy!, Marine Atlantic Onboard Magazine, and the Newfoundland Quarterly.

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