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Interview to Pol from Mundo Nomada

Today we would like to introduce Pol, Catalan guy from Sabadell who lives in Thailand nowadays.

  1. How did you start as a writer?

My interest in writing started on my first trip to India 4-5 years ago. I used to be amazed by such a fantastic culture and that I needed to write it down. I used to be there for 4 months writing almost everyday in my diary. I’ve never read that diary again though, I feel the longer I wait the more I’ll appreciate it.

Later on, I met Gary from and Matt from at the Fiji Islands and that I acknowledged about the travel blog world. After a couple of months I started my very own Spanish blog That was 2 years ago.

  1. What sort of writing does one love most?

I love writing about Thailand because is where I’ve been living the last 2 years. I also enjoy helping people go pass by themselves by writing recommendations on the way to travel or the way to get to places. I just wrote a piece of writing inspired on an issue I got asked via email ‘How to urge to Angkor Wat from Bangkok” ( there’s tons of data about it in English but not that much in Spanish.


  1. List three tips/pieces of recommendation you’d give to new freelance writers.

  • Think it twice before stepping into this world, you’ll need to exert effort without expecting much compensation aside from comments.
  • Try to write it about new things nobody has written before in your language.
  • If a word seems not necessary, needless to say it’s not.


  1. Give a brief description about you.

My name is Pol and I’m a Catalan from Sabadell (Barcelona). I quit my job as a security Security Officer in 2009 and went for a year trip around Asia. then I established myself in Thailand where I’ve been teaching Spanish for the last 2 years while exploring the wonderful South East Asia.

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