It’s easy to get stuck. It’s even easier to get sucked in. Without even realizing, your travel dreams become distant fantasies.

Random Vacay is here to help. Your current circumstances are unimportant. Everyone can go traveling.

Most people have always dreamed of exotic travel or backpacking around the world. But they didn’t do it. And now they feel that the opportunity has passed forever. Somewhere along the line, they got so sucked in that they’re now destined to live out eternity in the same soulless town. Does this sound familiar? Random Vacay has an easy six-point plan.


1. Stop Taking the Easy Way Out and Blaming Others

Classic quote to banish:

"I always wanted to travel but…" 

Don’t blame your children. Don’t blame the mortgage. It’s not the car or the credit card’s fault. You’re an adult. Take responsibility for your actions and acknowledge the root of each of your excuses. Yep, that’s yourself. You decided to sign on the dotted line and affix yourself. So putting shit on your wife or teenage son isn’t going to solve anything. We don’t want to sound too much like one of those hideous self-help books, but you’re not going to change anything until you acknowledge that you’re the one who is responsible.


2. Dream of Travel Again

Classic quote to banish:

 "It's no point thinking of XYZ because we'll never go there."

Ditching your ingrained lifestyle is going to take determination and commitment. And that’s not going to be possible without visualizing the end goal. Most people squash travel dreams because they don’t think they’re feasible. That’s bullshit. Dreams are the motivator to make travel achievable. Allow your mind to wander and start rekindling the reverie of yesteryear. Think about the destinations that always offered enchantment and check out Random Vacay for some serious travel inspiration.


3. Start Saving and Keep the Money Safe

Classic quite to banish:

"But we could always dip into the travel fund."

Travel costs. But it doesn’t cost that much. You could go around the world for six months for the same price as a new kitchen. Saving money isn’t an alien concept, and we’re not going to tell you how to do it. What’s incredibly important is that money is safe. You’re saving to go traveling, so don’t take out $500 to part-fund a new computer. Or blitz $100 on a new pair of sneakers.


4. Unknot the Invisible Ties

Classic quote to banish:

"But how would XYZ feel if I didn't show up…"

Most people are tied down by hundreds of roots. Unfortunately, you’re not a tree. You can’t get a chainsaw and blast through them all in one clean sweep. Some roots are thick, house, kids, husband, etc. Some are a little flimsier; gym membership, credit card, Cable TV subscription. But most only exist in your own concocted lifestyle; the same Starbucks coffee before work, doing the weekly shopping every Tuesday at 6 pm, and meeting Geoff for a beer at the same bar every Thursday. You’ve got hundreds of invisible little ties holding you back. So start with the easy ones and forge a more unpredictable lifestyle.


5. Deal With the Big Shit

Classic quote to banish:

 "But what about the…"

You’ve got one or more of the following; wife/husband, children, mortgage, job. So now comes the hard part. Most people think that they’re unavoidably tied to any of the above. But that’s just societal pressure slamming down on any alternative possibility. Let’s take them one by one and provide some non-biased reason.

 Job – You will get a new one. And you probably don’t like your job anyway.

 Husband/wife – They should support your dreams. They can share the experience with you. Isn’t that what marriage is about?

 Children (option 1) – They can travel. You can certainly travel with them for the full summer vacation. Furthermore, meeting kids from vastly different cultures is going to be far more educational than school.

 Children (option 2) – While it may be heartbreaking to leave them for a few months. Ask yourself this. Who will your children respect more (in the long run)? The unhappy parent blaming their kids? Or the parent who found a way to live out the dream and is much much happier for it?

 Mortgage – Are you going to be tied to the bank forever? Isn’t there more to life than debt? Re-mortgage, sell, rent out the house, declare yourself bankrupt…but do something before you die with regret.


6. DO IT

Classic quote to banish:

"I'm going traveling next year."

You’ve got this far, so don’t stop now.



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