Colombo Lotus Tower (Nelum Kuluna) is the  tallest completed tower in South Asia.19th tallest completed tower in the world .The design of this ” Lotus Tower” is inspired by the Lotus flower.That’s why it’s called the “Lotus Tower” Country’s rich cultural heritage,the variegation , purity , speciality of the country has been depicted by the means of this.Also flourishing development of the country as the bud bloomed out of mud.

The Project is located in a land in D.R Wijewardena road spreaded in a scope of 3.6 hectares .The 350m tall monumental tower spanning over 30,600 square meters of floor area .When constructing the basement 20 meters had been digged through .he tower has four separate entrances with two being used as VIP entrances.

A pass is required to shift in between the floors.Therefore one can’t use the same pass to shift between the floors.For an instance ,you can’t use the pass used to enter the banquet hall cannot be used to enter the revolving restaurant .

There are eight elevators getting you up there.Two of them go up the highest speed whereas the other three go at a minimum speed.The remaining three will take people to the observation deck within like 2 minutes .

This is recognized as South Asia’s speediest lift (7 meters per second).Concerning the height of the tower the professors had decided to build these high speed elevators for its safety.

Some Places we could observe from the observation deck are,

    • Colombo harbor 
    • Maradana railway station
    • Aluthkade high court
    • Kelaniya
    • Galle face

Normal speed of this revolving restaurant is 1h and 30 minutes.Can speed up to 1hour according to requirement. 225 people can have a meal at a time.

A smooth lighting system is implemented on the petals to show various patterns. There are 7 LED lights inside one light pocket,as a result multi colours can be optimized. This is operated by a computer system .A Symphony of Lights  will offer the audience a fresh visual experience through the reprogramming of relevant LED panels.


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