1. Polynesia

These guys should be on the list. They have undoubtedly become the benchmark for strength and durability in pro sports like American Football. To the point where coaches call Polynesia a breeding grounds for the sport, affectionately: “Football Island”.

Their intensity isn’t the only reason, but even Samoans themselves point out that they are built for battle. Making them one of the toughest, most solidly built and most energetic group of men in the world. Considering that there isn’t even a crap ton of them, but they are quickly making up the scene in the strength department, their percentages are much better than pretty much any other group out there.

2. Iceland

Icelandic men have earned the title of Giants, given they have repeatedly proven their enormity in Strongmen Competitions and by just being all-around huge. Notwithstanding the fact that they are ancestors of Vikings, Icelandic men have dominated Strongman for years, and of course, when Game of Thrones needed a man to play The Mountain, there was only one stop to make.

When your country is known for producing men like Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson, who clocks in at 6’9″ and 419lbs, your country is absolutely one of the strongest. Iceland consistently makes appearances in the top 3 at International competitions. They are created for brute strength in overly broad forms, which makes sense, as they need to survive their cold landscape. Their country motto should be, “Doesn’t Matter What We Import, Our Exports Could Crush Your Skulls.”

3. The United States of America

The United States may be known worldwide as a group of softies, but numbers don’t lie. Brian Shaw, in recent years, has put that idea to absolute rest by dominating the Strongman scene as a one-man wrecking crew. That and 3 Americans are in the top 10 of most Strongman championships.

Also, you can’t forget about Cross-fit, where American men have dominated and dubbed themselves the “Fittest in the World” since like, 3 years ago. And really, any time someone creates a sport and then announces themselves the fittest on the planet, it must be true.

4. Colombia

Colombia may be a surprise, but after you read about why you’ll totally get. Take a look at the Olympics first and note their dominance in the Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight divisions. How on Earth are Colombians putting up so much weight? It could be because of the rich illegal “exporting” culture they have.

Colombia is so well known for its pretty white powder, that it may actually be in the soil at this point. Colombian men dominate in lifting a heavyweight up and putting it down, but they are also pretty awesome at throwing heavy items in the Track and Field respect. Anytime you mix supplements with genetic greatness, you’ll end of getting strength like a Colombian.

5. Poland

Mariusz Pudzianowski. Forget needing to know how to spell his name, all you need to know is that he has won the most Strongmen Championships in history and that alone lifts Poland into the category of countries with the strongest men. Polish lifters are also top contenders at each Summer Olympics from Featherweight all the way through Super Heavy. When your country subsists on sausage and…other hearty foods…you’re bound to supersede most countries in strength ability. Obviously, not everyone in Poland is Stackhouse, but for those who are, they dramatically bring the average up.

6. Iran

When you’re from Iran, you have nothing else to do in the dessert other than lifting heavy weight. Iran men have a lot of built-up aggression since their women are complete teases with the whole “just above the ankle” routine, so the men are able to direct their aggression inwards to power their lifting abilities.

They are some of the strongest men in the world, racking up medal after medal at national competitions and the Olympics. While they don’t often participate in competitions that determine someone is the absolute most of something like CF and SM, these guys have the fighting power of missiles to back up their title of some of the strongest men in the world.

7. Russia

Russian men have to be overly strong just because they need to live up to being the most intimidating group of men ever. No one messes with a Russian man, and outside of that accent, there is a good reason. They may be powered by vodka, but their athletic pursuits are no drunken joy ride. Continuous medals, top leaders in international strength competitions, and the fact that their fighting style consists of right hooks and head butts, Russians are undoubtedly one of the strongest people on this beautiful globe of ours.

8. Lithuania

When you look at competition lists of strength champions, you’ll see littering of Lithuania flags everywhere. Main man Zydrunas Savickas is leading the charge right now in the Baltic. Lithuanians are built to be strong, and they all learn about combat and strength through their compulsory military experience.

The regular Strongman appearances have the country making a name for themselves on the international scene, and more importantly, on this list for being one of the strongest nations.

9. Thailand

Thailand is an actual legit mecca for all things strong. The idea that you have to be a giant to be brutally strong is false, and Thailand proves it with their consistent top ranking in athletics.

MMA style, Muy Thai, Boxing, and Olympic lifting are the country’s main traits, making it exceptionally strong. That and the availability of steroids makes the country something to reckon with. How can you win anything if the person you’re competing against has probably drunk a steroid and venom cocktail that morning?

10. China

Chinese men are known for their small statues, but the fact is that they are a people built for reps and technique. Coincidentally enough, those are some of the most important aspects of strength training.

From the Olympics to international stages, Chinese men are as strong as they are compact. If you’re going with strength per pound, China is probably the strongest man in the world. They also have a military presence that is pretty strong, so if the aforementioned doesn’t do it for you, just remember that they may blow a country up soon enough.


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